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Video Name: Trusted Bail Bonds Company for California

Video Description:

A California bail bond company that understand that finding a bondsman you can trust when you need to bail someone out of jail is important.

A family business that is different from other bail bond companies.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

[Greg:] It is never easy to trust a stranger when your loved one is in trouble. Besides being members of the Better Business Bureau, we want our customers to know that we sympathize with their situation.

[Tonya:] We’re not only a professional bail bond company -- we’re a family. Greg’s dad started this business in Santa Ana in 1971. At Rynerson Bail Bonds we take pride in the fact that we’re family owned and operated. We understand family issues and that when life brings unexpected situations, families come together to support each other through difficult times.

[Greg:] We know that these situations can be frustrating, expensive and embarrassing and that’s why we’re here to help.

Updated: 08/29/2014