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Video Name: How Does California Set Bail Bond Amounts? Prices Set By California Law.

Video Description:

A licensed bail bond company in California explains what to expect with the cost of a bail bond.

The California Department of Insurance dictates that the cost of a bail bond is set at 10% of the full bail amount set by the judge.

Greg also explains some tips to make sure you are working with a reputable bail bond company.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

In California, each county sets bail and they develop what's called a bail schedule. The bail schedule is developed by a panel of judges for that county.

Usually when a defendant is arrested, the jail staff will simply go to the bail schedule to see the set bail. However, when the defendant appears before the judge, the judge will often take additional issues into consideration.

The first consideration for setting bail is often public safety. The amount of bail also depends on the severity of the crime as well as the defendant's prior criminal record. Judges are trained to recognize circumstances that might warrant increased bail.

And also there are situations where the crime is so serious that there will be no bail or the bail will be extremely high. Los Angeles County and Orange County tend to have some of the highest bails in the country. This increases the need for bail bondsmen.

 Last updated: 08/29/2014