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Video Name: Why Use A Family Owned Bail Bond Company in California

Video Description:

A fully licensed bail bond company in California explains why using a family owned bail bond service provider is important.

Tonya Rynerson explains that family owned businesses such as theirs, know how to help in a very trying and stressful time such as when you find a friend or loved one arrested and in a California jail.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcription:

I really enjoy working in our family business. Working together with my husband really works for our family. I know it's not for everyone especially in a business that is open 24/7.

We provide an important service and help people during a stressful and difficult time.

I know that most people hope they never need the services of a bail bond company; but for those who do, we're here to answer questions about how the bail bond process works, explain payment options, and help to get loved ones out of jail and back home as quickly as possible.

Last updated: 08/29/2014