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Video Name: Experienced Bail Bonds Professionals for California

Video Description:

Professional bail bondsmen provide information on how using technology and experience, they can get your bail bond processed quickly.

Cal Rynerson started Rynerson Bail Bonds in 1971 in Santa Ana, California.

Growing up in the bail industry and working with family, they have helped many people get out of jail and understand the bail bond process.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

[Tonya:] People come to us because we’re experienced bail bond professionals with over 30 years in the bail bonds business. We are a licensed company that is in good standing with the California Department of Insurance. All of our agents are licensed and have been expertly trained. Our large network of agents allows us to quickly and efficiently arrange bail in any jail in California.

[Greg:] Using technology and qualified agents to assist you with your needs makes it possible to get your bail bond finalized quickly. We take pride that our customer service helps the defendant and his or her family get through a challenging situation.

Updated: 08/29/2014