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Video Name: Why Should I Use a Bail Bond Company in California

Video Description:

California bail bonds provider Greg Rynerson of Rynerson Bail Bonds, a licensed California bail bondsman, explains the reasons why many family and friends choose to utilize a bail bonds company in California when they find that a family member or friend is in need of being bailed out of a California jail.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

Customers often ask “Do I have to use a bail bondsman to get somebody out of jail?”. The answer is “No”. There are situations where you might want to post the money directly with the jail or court.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a $50,000 bail. If you want, you can post the entire $50,000 with the jail or court. What you need to do is have the $50,000 cash or cashiers check. You would give that to the jail; once the defendant has finalized their cases, you get that money back.

The reason why people often use a bail bondsman is they do not have an excess $50,000 lying around; or, if they do, they would have to pull that money from an investment account. Often it makes more financial sense for them to use a bail bondsman.

Last updated: 08/29/2014