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Video Name: Who Do You Bail Out of California Jails

Video Description:

A licensed California bail bondsman explains the types of people they meet and help to bail out of jail.

Although they might bail out those people you read about in the papers and tabloids, most of the time its people like your parents, kids or even grandparents that they help out in these difficult situations.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

Not every person who gets arrested is a terrible criminal out to harm humanity.

It is important to remember even the nicest people make mistakes and can land in jail. Bail in America underscores the presumption innocent and that is why it is a Constitutional right.

Most people who contact us just want to get their loved one out of custody so the defendant can take the right step to correct his or her mistake like a responsible citizen or show they’re innocent.

Do we meet some interesting people during the bail process? Absolutely!

We could tell you some stories, but we never will because we respect the confidentiality of our clients. I can say we have bailed out people that you have probably read about in the tabloids and press but mostly we meet people like those who sit next to you in temple or church.

Our bail clients are people like your parents, your kids and your grandparents. Our comment to each other at the end of many days is: 'that was the nicest family . . .'

Updated: 08/16/2014