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Video Name: Do You Bail Out Everyone Who Calls You?

Video Description:

A lot of analysis is taken into consideration when a bail bond company decides who to bail out of jail.

These factors include things such as credit history, criminal background, stability and other extenuating issues.

California bail bondsman explains how he decides who will be bailed out through their company.

Video Date: January 2008

Video Transcript:

We definitely do not bail out everyone who calls us.

In a lot of ways we are like the loan officer taking an application for a loan. Local loans and bails bonds have risks and therefore require careful analysis.

For example, a bank wouldn’t give someone a loan who is financially unreliable or a liability. Likewise, we are looking to help bail out individuals who will return to court and take care of their responsibilities.

There are many factors that we look at and we take into consideration before we bail somebody out. At the end of the day we may choose to bail somebody out or we might politely tell them they need to call somebody else.

Updated: 08/16/2014