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Announcing California’s Top 50 Criminal Defense Attorneys Online

As bail bondsmen, we get the question all the time: Can you recommend a good criminal defense attorney? The answer, unfortunately, is no we cannot recommend an attorney.

California bail law prohibits us from recommending attorneys. However when you need to learn more about which attorney to hire, one of your best options is to start researching online. That’s why we decided to organize the first ever Top 50 California Criminal Defense Attorneys Online, which recognizes California’s most influential and social attorneys in various online media.

We are now pleased to announce the finalists for the 2011 list of top attorneys. Finalists were selected based on a combination of factors including Avvo rating and social media influence from Twitter and Facebook.

Congratulations to our 2011 Finalists!

2011 Finalists


Adam Sostrin, Esq.
Firm: Sostrin Law Offices
Twitter: @LADUILAW
Web: https://www.sostrinlawoffices.com


Adam Stull
Firm: Law Offices of Stull & Stull
Twitter: @ocduiattorneys
Web: https://www.orangecountycriminaldefenselaw.com/


Albie B. Jachimowicz
Firm: Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel
Twitter: @HJPELaw
Web: https://www.hjpmlaw.com/


Allison B. Margolin, Esq.
Firm: Margolin & Lawrence, Attorneys at Law
Twitter: @LAsDopestAtty
Web: https://www.lasdopestattorney.com


Amber Lunsford
Firm: Amber Lunsford, Attorney at law
Twitter: @LunsfordLegal
Web: None


Arash Hashemi
Firm:  Law Offices of Arash Hashemi
Web: https://arashhashemi.com


Brian Andritch
Firm: The Law Office of Brian C. Andritch
Twitter: @fresnodui
Web: https://www.fresnodefense.com/


Bruce McGregor
Firm: McGregor & Erenwein
Twitter: @SouthBayLawyer
Web: https://www.toptorrancelawyers.com


Christopher H. Wing
Firm: Wing & Parisi, A.P.C.
Twitter:  N/A
Web: https://www.wingparisilaw.com

Daniel Perlman
Firm: The Perlman Law Group
Twitter: @dpdefense
Web: https://www.danielperlmanlaw.com


Daniel Smith
Firm: San Diego Defenders, Criminal Defense Law Firm
Twitter: @SanDiegoDefend
Web: https://sandiegodefenders.com/


David D. Diamond
Firm: Diamond & Associates
Twitter: @TrialJustice
Web: https://www.dba-law.com/


David P. Shapiro
Firm: The Law Office of David P. Shapiro, APLC
Twitter: @DPShapiro
Web: https://www.sandiegocriminalattorneyatlaw.com


David S. Kestenbaum
Firm: Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin LLP
Twitter: N/A
Web:  https://www.keglawyers.com/


Dmitry Gorin
Firm: Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin LLP
Twitter: N/A
Web: https://www.keglawyers.com/


Doug Ridley
Firm: The Law Offices of Douglas H. Ridley
Twitter: @dhridley
Web: www.duiattorneys-ca.com


Elliott N. Kanter
Firm: Law Offices of Elliott N. Kanter
Twitter: @CA_InjuryLawyer
Web: https://www.elliottnkanter.com/


Gabriel Dorman
Firm: The Law Offices of Gabriel Dorman
Twitter: @duidefense
Web: https://www.criminaldefenseduilawyer.com/


Grace Suarez
Firm: Grace Suarez
Twitter: @gracels
Web: https://www.gracesuarez.com/


Jason Beahm
Firm: Beahm Law
Twitter: @jasonbeahm
Web: https://www.beahmlaw.com/


Jeff Hamerschmidt
Firm: Hammerschmidt, Broughten Law Corp.
Twitter: @CACriminalLaw
Web: www.jeffhamerschmidt.com


Jeffrey Kent
Firm: Law Offices of McDonnell & Kent
Twitter: @OCCriminalLaw
Web: https://www.mcdonnellandkent.com/


Jeremy Lessem
Firm: Lessem & Newstat, Attorneys at Law, LLP
Twitter: @LNlegal
Web: https://www.lnlegal.com


Joel Bander
Firm: Joel Bander, Attorney at Law
Twitter: @JoelBanderlaw
Web: https://banderlaw.com/


John M. Runfola
Firm: Law Office of John M. Runfola
Twitter: @johnrunfola
Web: https://www.runfola-criminal-defense.com/


Joseph P. Smith
Firm: Law Offices of Joseph P. Smith
Twitter: @JosephPSmithLaw


Maria T. Reid, Esq.
Firm: Law Office of Maria T. Reid
Twitter: @ReidLaw
Web: https://mtreidlaw.com/


Mark A. Gallagher
Firm: Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher
Twitter: @ticketfixers
Web: https://www.socaldefenselawyers.com/


Mary Frances Prevost
Firm: The Law Office of Mary Frances Prevost
Twitter: @CrimeDefense
Web: https://www.acrimedefenseattorney.com/


Matthew Blake Wallin
Firm: Wallin & Klarich  - A Law Corporation
Twitter: @wklaw
Web: https://www.southerncaliforniadefenseblog.com/


Meghan O. Taylor
Firm: Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry
Twitter: @occrimlaw
Web: https://www.orangecountycriminallaw.com


Michael Berg
Firm: The Law Offices of Michael S. Berg
Twitter: @criminalaw
Web: https://www.criminallaw.com


Michael Kraut
Firm: Kraut Law Group
Twitter: @LACrimeLawyer
Web: https://www.losangelescriminallawyer.pro/


Michael Simmrin
Firm: Michael Simmrin
Twitter: @msimmrin
Web: https://socalcriminaldefenseblog.blogspot.com/


Paul S. Geller
Firm: The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller
Twitter: @PaulSGeller
Web: https://www.arrested4dui.com/


Peter Berlin
Firm: The Law Offices of Peter Berlin
Twitter: @peter_berlin
Web: https://www.berlinfirm.com/


Richard A. Tamor
Firm:  Tamor & Tamor, Attorney's at Law
Twitter: @Richard_Tamor
Web: https://www.tamorlaw.com


Rick Horowitz
Firm: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz
Twitter: @rickhorowitz
Web: https://www.rhdefense.com/


Robert Little
Firm: Law Office of Robert Little
Twitter: @YourCleanRecord
Web: https://www.yourcleanrecord.com/


Robert M. Bernstein
Firm: Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein
Twitter: @LACriminalAtty
Web:  https://www.california-law.org/


Ronald L. Moore
Firm: The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry
Twitter:  N/A
Web: https://www.duiqueen.com/Attorney_Profile.aspx


Ryan T. Okabe
Firm: Okabe & Haushalter
Twitter: @OkabeHaushalter
Web: https://www.southbaylawyer.com/


Scott Hughes
Firm: The Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes
Twitter: @OCCrimeLawyer
Web: https://www.scotthugheslaw.com/


Sharen H. Ghatan
Firm: Law Offices of Sharen H. Ghatan
Twitter: @ghatanesq
Web: https://www.criminaldefense911.com/


Stella Espinoza Browne, Esq.
Firm: Law Offices of Stella Espinoza Browne
Twitter: @stellaeb
Web: https://divorcelawsolutions.com


Thomas Wallin
Firm: Thomas Wallin Law Offices
Twitter: @CA_DUI_Lawyer
Web: https://www.californiaduiblog.com/


Timothy Campen, Esq.
Firm: Law Office of Tim Campen
Twitter: @RocknRollLawyer
Web: https://www.defenselawsd.com


Vincent J. Russo
Firm: Vincent J. Russo, Attorney at Law
Twitter: @orangeduilaw
Web: https://www.orangeduilaw.com/


William Ha, Esq.
Firm: The Law Office of William Ha
Twitter: @WilliamHaEsq
Web: https://www.williamhalaw.com



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Last Updated: 09/12/2014