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As you will see here by our numerous customer and client reviews, service is what sets us apart from other bail bondsman and bail bond companies:

California Bail Bonds
All your staff have the qualities people need when they are in a stressful situation and don't really know what to do next. I also commend you for your philosophy of educating clients and the general public about the bail bond process as well as the jail system. I can’t thank you enough for making us feel like we had someone on our side from the very beginning. I greatly appreciated your advice based on your many years of experience in observing how felony cases are handled by the courts. Most people think they will never need a bail bondsman. Even though you provide the highest quality service, you can't count on repeat customers the way other professionals do. That’s why I hope to recommend you to as many people as possible through this letter.\

Updated: 08/29/2014