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'MURDER' Tat Doesn't Make Him A Murderer

When a man decides to get the word "MURDER" tattooed across his neck, even backwards, in big block letters, it's bound to raise some eyebrows -  especially when find himself on trial for murder.

And that's the situation with a Kansas man was arrested on first-degree murder charges.

Court documents show Jeffrey Chapman was arrested in late 2011 after Damon Galliart's body was found in a ditch.  The defendant has been in custody since then and like many such defendants has not been successful in posting a bail bond.

Danny Isn't Here Anymore Mrs. Torrance

Maybe he's a Shinning fan?

The defendant is concerned, according to his attorney, that his unconventional tattoo might have a negative impact on his case.  Not only could it sway the judge, he said, he's worried it will influence the jury and the criminal proceedings.

How a defendant looks, dresses and acts are all part of the impression they make, his attorney asserts, and a motion has been submitted to have the tattoo removed or covered up.

Maybe a Turtleneck?

The county prosecutor's office reportedly said they're not against Chapman pursuing a change in his appearance, but they do take issue with allowing him to be transported to a licensed tattoo shop.

That's the only place tattoo artists are permitted to conduct business as a matter of state law.

Chapman's trial is set to start next week, so he's about to run out of luck. A turtleneck perhaps?