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We are a nation that has its roots set in Puritanical values, so it is not a surprise to find so many laws that try to enforce those same values in even our most intimate situations.

In many states, this is simply an oversight and hasn’t been enforced in ages. Some states, though, are happy to drudge up some of those archaic laws to charge people with if it suit’s a purpose at the time.


In Alabama, it is illegal for men to howl at women. But, how else will unsuspecting women know that a man finds them attractive?

This is not a law that has seen a lot of enforcement lately.

It probably falls more into the category of harassment, which is often enforced. So, guys, you might want to find another way to let the ladies know you are happy to see them.

It is also illegal for men to “deflower” virgins, regardless of age or marital status. The wording of this law makes it a bit confusing.

It almost sounds like, even if you marry a virgin, you cannot consummate the marriage or else you will be facing jail time up to five years!


In Arizona, it is illegal to have more than two (wait for it) "personal massegers" in your home. Why?

Well clearly more than two would just be excessive.

Luckily, unlike the Cactus Cops, no task forces have been formed for the purpose of counting adult toys that are stashed in closets and drawers.


In Little Rock, Arkansas, men and women are not allowed to flirt with each other on the street. Doing so could lead to 30 days in jail.


If you thought that moving to Florida with your boyfriend or girlfriend would be a good idea, think again.

In this state, it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together in the same house and commit “lewd acts.”



If you like long, slow kisses, then you don’t want to live in Iowa.

In this state, kisses cannot last longer than five minutes.


In Mississippi, they want to make sure you are staying true to your spouse. Adultery is against the law and can result in up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine.

The 100 year old law was put to use in 2010 when Cortiga Williams filed formal charges against her husband Lashawn Williams and his girlfriend Roshanda Jackson.


If you live here, you are only permitted to have sex in the missionary position. No fancy maneuvers for these couples.


In Oklahoma, premarital sex and oral sex are illegal. Oral sex is punishable with a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

Thankfully, there are no special squads roaming the state in pursuit of these law breakers.


It is illegal for students to hold hands in school.

Holding Hands

This is considered a “gateway” to sexual activity and prompted the legislature to pass the Gateway Sexual Activity Bill.

Parents can use this law to sue their child’s teacher if they feel the teacher has not done enough to prevent sexual activity among students.


The list of unusual laws goes on. Notice there aren’t such laws in California.