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Michigan police say they're still trying to figure out what they're going do with a man who was so determined to finish his road trip, that he failed to call a coroner after one of his passengers kicked the bucket.

The driver, a 62 year-old man from the Detroit Area said he and his elderly mom were returning from Arizona for the winter.  The third passenger in the vehicle, he said was a woman half his age who he was reportedly involved with romantically.

But back to the story.

It all started last weekend when the younger woman checked herself out  of a Phoenix-area mental health facility.  Police think the woman may have popped some prescription pain killers after she was released.

Officers said it wasn't until a couple hours after they stopped for a bathroom break in Flagstaff that the driver realized she hadn't dozed off, as he initially presumed.

The man then pulled out his smart phone and did some sort of Internet search, which led him to some website that said people have up to 48 hours to report a dead body.  He figured they could easily make it back to Michigan by then, so he put his petal to the medal and forged on ahead.

It wasn't until someone from the mental hospital called to do a quick check up that police were alerted that something was wrong.

The caller asked to speak to the woman; the driver said she couldn't come to the phone because she was dead.  The caller then told the guy to contact the police, but he was afraid they'd impound his car.  So he kept driving.

Police eventually caught up with the man and his mother at their Michigan home.  Although there aren't current charges pending, there's still a chance he may need to call someone about bail bonds in the future.