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Last year, authorities in Southern California were pretty confused when a San Diego inmate stole a cab to drive himself home from lock up.

But now, another man seems to have followed in that inmate's footsteps; Tracy Police say they've arrested a man who is accused of doing the exact same thing.

The only difference between the crimes, it seems, is that inmate #2 decided to make off with a truck.

Officers said it all started last Thursday morning when a San Joaquin County Jail employee called their office to say that Ruben Beltran had stolen a truck and was probably using it to head home.

The vehicle was parked somewhere close to the detention center, they said, and the man who made off with it had just been released from custody.

An airplane with the California Highway Patrol spotted the pilfered truck a very short time later, and they followed the driver all the way back to his house and watched him park it in the driveway.

Authorities surrounded his home, and once Beltran realized he'd been found out, he tried to make a run for it, but he was handcuffed and read his rights within minutes.

According to the county jail website, it looks as if he's since been released on bail bonds. 

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