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A man in Southwest Pennsylvania found himself in pretty hot water last week after he stole a firetruck to impress a girl.  But the middle-aged man who may have been searching for love has instead found himself searching bail bonds.

It all started when 46 year-old Randy Davis started spending time with a friend who works as a volunteer fireman.   Police think that's how the man figured out how to get into the building and where the firetruck's keys were stored.

To Davis, it probably seemed like a harmless joyride.  He and his lady friend snuck into the building, unplugged the truck from its charging dock, grabbed the keys and took to the streets.

Police say they were gone for about a half hour, and an in-station video surveillance system caught it all on camera.  When they got back they plugged the truck back in, put the keys away and let themselves out the same way they got in.

Davis was arrested a short time later.

Community members say they're baffled by the plot, especially since it lives could have been placed in danger had an actual fire broken out.

Authorities have not said whether they plan to file charges against his passenger, but if they do, jail protocol will prevent them from having a second date while behind bars.