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Police in Roswell, New Mexico say they've arrested two burglary suspects after one of them butt-dialed police.

The inadvertent outbound call was placed just after the 37 year-old man and his 35 year-old female accomplice had burglarized an area home.  At some point, during the getaway, one of their phones dialed 9-1-1.  Not only did dispatch get an earful about the details of the crime, the things they took and their getaway, the entire call was recorded.

Police listened along for 45 minutes and not only heard them talk about how they wish they had taken more, but then bragging about breaking in and taking things out of the %#@% house.

A squad car was eventually dispatched to the home to see if it had been robbed.  Once that was confirmed, they initiated a trace on the inbound call and tracked the location to nab the suspects.

They of course denied everything; the owner of the phone said the call was "picked up from an adjacent car where the people were talking loudly."

Both are being charged with a slew of offenses relating to the crime; neither has posted bail bonds.

If you think this is the first time butt-dialing bandits have gotten themselves arrested for a crime, you'd be wrong.

In May 2013, a pair of 20 year-old men were booked on conspiracy, vehicular burglary and possession of stolen property charges after one of them pocket-called 9-1-1.

The men had been on a mission to find drugs, according to police records, and decided to break into a parked car to see if they could find some loot.

All the details of that crime were recorded by dispatch.