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Representatives from the San Joaquin County Jail have confirmed they are detaining a man who is accused of shooting at vehicles earlier this week.

Stockton Police said they received numerous calls that an unknown man was opening fire at cars and trucks as they drove through city streets.  The motive for the crime was not known.  No one was injured during the shooting spree.   Several days later members of the highway patrol pulled over a black sedan for failing to dim his high beams for oncoming traffic.  The patrolman did a visual sweep of the interior of the vehicle and saw a revolver had been tucked beneath the front passenger seat.

The driver and the passengers were immediately detained.  Further search of the vehicle uncovered several other guns and bullet casings.  Bullet holes were discovered in the driver's side window and also in the windshield.

Defendant Fernando Mata was reportedly arrested and transported to the San Joaquin County Jail where he remains in custody on an undisclosed bail amount.  He faces a handful of felony charges including but not limited to weapons charges and discharging a firearm from a vehicle.   The passengers were questioned at the scene but were released a short time later.  It is unclear whether they will be charged.

Anyone with additional information about the shootings is asked to contact local police.