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The CA State Sheriff's Association has recently elected San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore to be their newest Sergeant-at-Arms.  The County Board of Supervisors has said they are proud of that accomplishment.

A total of four sheriffs, including Moore, have been sworn in by Gov. Jerry Brown.  The San Joaquin County pick will not move upward through the ranks of the association until he becomes the CSSA president.  That is expected to happen at some point in 2018.

Sheriff Steve Moore

Moore was elected to the position by his peers.  The position requires he maintain order at all CSSA board of directors meetings. He will also need to perform other assigned tasks as requested by the association's president.

If need be,  Moore will also stand in to perform duties typically assigned to the treasurer.  This will only happen if that person is absent.

The CSSA was founded in 1984.  The nonprofit organization is designed to help create a political voice for sheriffs throughout the state of California.  It also helps streamline communication between county law enforcement leaders.

The county is proud to have Moore been elected to the position and is grateful for his ongoing service and commitment to the San Joaquin County Sheriff's department and the citizens they help protect.