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A 28 year-old female police officer that works for the Stockton Unified School District has received a prestigious Silver Star award.   Officer Megan Robinson has been honored for her role in saving a local man from a pit bill attack.

County officials have confirmed that this is the only Silver Star that has been granted in the past 20 years.

The incident took place in early June.  It was during that time that Robinson was driving in her patrol car and came upon a bloodied man who had been badly hurt.  Report records show he was stumbling around in the middle of a street in an area not too far from downtown.

The officer said she was unsure if the man had been in a fight or if he had been the victim of an accident.  She then saw two loose pit bull dogs roaming the street.  Robinson opened the door to her squad car and let the man inside.

The dogs reportedly began to circle her vehicle.  The officer exited her car and at least one of the dogs lunged toward her.  She pulled out her gun and fired a shot.  The dogs backed down.  They were later captured and euthanized.

Local elected officials say the city has many problems with stray and roaming dogs.   There are a great many large dogs that freely roam Stockton's streets.

Police records show the man that was rescued by Robinson is not the only person who was harmed in the attack.  The man who is believed to have let them loose sustained bite wounds.  A woman who was walking her small poodle was also bitten when she tried to protect her pet.

Many residents keep large dogs because of Stockton's high crime rate.  These pets can quickly turn into problem animals if they are not properly trained or cared for.  Dogs that are not spayed ore neutered can exhibit higher rates of aggression.  City officials say another problem relates to owners who do not put up the proper fencing in their years.

The owner of the now-euthanized pits could face criminal charges.  The man who released them into the street has been identified as this man's brother.   He is said to have unchained the animals in order to allow them to roam free in the yard.  The dogs broke free of the confinement a short time later.

Robinson said members of the Stockton Police Department came to her aid during the incident.  Officers have said she acted with courage and valor because she did not hesitate to act.  Robinson said she was simply doing her job.