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Deputies at the San Joaquin County Jail said they are currently detaining an inmate who is being held in lieu of $700,000 bail.  The 19 year-old defendant, Shawn Strauss, was taken into custody last week after he was taken into custody during a traffic stop by members of the Manteca Police Gang Suppression Unit.  Strauss was found to be in possession of firearms and drugs at the time he was pulled over.  Officers believe it was his intention to illegally sell and distribute those items to interested buyers.

Police say they saw a bag of marijuana on a seat of the vehicle at the time it was pulled over.  A subsequent search of Strauss' car reportedly uncovered an additional pound of marijuana, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and other prescription pills, psychiatric medications, a handgun and other items frequently used to manufacture illegal drugs.

The Manteca PD then executed a search of the defendant's home.  That search resulted in the finding an additional 3/4 pound of marijuana, two handguns, one stolen handgun, more than 600 ecstasy tablets and an undisclosed amount of cocaine.

The defendant has been charged with possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm,  possession of a loaded firearm in public and multiple counts of narcotics sales.  He currently remains in custody in lieu of $700,000.  It does not appear that he or a member of his family has contacted a San Joaquin bondsman for assistance in getting him out of jail.