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If you're sitting there scratching your head after reading the title to this post, you're certainly not alone.

But yes, a spokesperson for the El Cajon Police Department has confirmed a fake gun was used to hold up the Hiram's Guns and Spirits store.  (Yes, you read that correctly; the store sell guns and booze and their Yelp reviews are hilarious.)


So officers have said that last Saturday afternoon three masked suspects made their way into the store, smashed a display case and ran off with a handful of real firearms.

The three men then hopped inside a red sedan and sped off.  But what they didn't plan for was being seen by a very long list of witnesses.   Their description of the suspects was so accurate they were captured a short time later.

Officers say 20 year-old Mykeon Menefee has since been booked into the San Diego Central Jail where he's being held on $300,000 bail bonds.  The other two men were under the age of 18 and were thus taken to juvenile detention.  Their names have not been released.

Menefee is facing a whole slew of charges including robbery, seven counts of grand theft of a firearm, child cruelty, second degree burglary, evading, conspiracy and committing another felony while out on bail bonds.

El Cajon PD officials say they're still investigating the crime and anyone who believes they have information about the gun heist is being asked to come forward.

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