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Sources within the Orange County law enforcement community have confirmed that yes, violent crime rates throughout the region are down year-on-year.

The dip in some regions has been so significant that some cities are describing it as being "dramatic".

Nearly every area in the county has reported declines, according to a recent FBI report.  Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said this can be largely attributed to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies working hand-in-hand.

With everyone working together, and using available technology, amazing things have happened.

Jail officials say that the drop in crime rates has helped them avoid releasing inmates early.  Orange County jails, unlike others throughout the state, have not been nearly as impacted by prisoner overcrowding as some other places in California.

Hutchens said a big part of the reason they are expanding part of the Musick Jail is to allow room for rehabilitation, educational and vocational programs, which are geared toward preventing recidivism.

The shift in local inmate populations

Ever since CA implemented it's inmate realignment program, the types of detainees being held in local lock-ups has changed dramatically.  In the past, many people serving time would be in the county system for less than a year; today, many are serving multi-year sentences.

Although this has led to an increase in the number of people being held behind bars, the county has done a good deal of managing bed space.

Hutchens said she also expects that the passage of Prop. 47, which reduces certain felony crimes to misdemeanors, will also help reduce the likelihood of overcrowding.

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