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The LAPD West Valley Station is located at 19020 Vanowen Street in Reseda California

Entrance to the West Valley Police Station, Division of the Los Angeles Police Department West Valley Station Lobby

Pictured above are the entrance and lobby of the station.


The LAPD Exporer Program is for young people age 14 to 21 who are interested in law enforcement careers. Youth attend the Explorer Academy and are assigned to geographic areas within the Los Angeles Police Department.

LAPD Explorers Cuffing Drill

If you didn't know it was a drill, it was quite a chilling site. The Explorers displayed proper technique for a traffic stop and cuffing a suspect. Look at the face of the young man in the red shirt. That Explorer has him so that he's not getting away.

Forgotten Keys!Interestingly, they forgot the keys to one of the sets of cuffs. The Explorer who had to have the cuffs cut continued to graciously tell the public about the mission and duties of the LAPD Explorers while the officer took more than five minutes to cut through her cuffs.




LAPD Explorer Drills at West Valley StationExplorers traffic stop with guns drawn Traffic Stop Drill at LAPD West Valley Station

These pictures were taken at the September 2007 West Valley Station Community Open House where LAPD Explorers displayed a traffic stop drill. It was very impressive with "guns" drawn. (Note that the guns were not real. If you look, you'll see that they are bright orange -- indicating that they are fake.)

To view our other photos of the West Valley Police Stations visit our Los Angeles Bail Bonds Photos on Flickr.

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Last updated: 10/03/2013