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Here you will find information for all of the Southern California State Universities and the areas they patrol.   Each station provides a link to additional information including location, directions, and inmate information.

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CSU Channel Islands

The CSU Channel Islands University Police patrols the entire campus, including buildings, parking lots, residence halls and the University Glenn residential community.
Station Phone:   805-437-8888

CSU Dominguez Hills

The CSU Dominguez Hills University Police patrols the University property including all areas within 1 mile of the campus.  The department provides enforcement of all local, state, and federal laws, as well as the rules and regulations set by the University.
Station Phone:  310-243-3639

Humoldt State University

The CSU Humboldt University Police ensures a safe and secure environment for the community of Humboldt State.  The department is responsible for traffic and criminal investigations, law enforcement, and escort services.
Station Phone:  707-826-4636

CSU Long Beach

The CSU Long Beach University Police is responsible for all  law enforcement on campus and any adjacent areas to the University property.  The main station is located in the brick building south of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.  A substation is located on the second floor of the Student Union.
Station Phone:  562-985-4101

Cal State L.A.

The Cal State L.A. University Police Department is run by the Department of Public Safety.  The Department provides services to students, faculty and staff at the Cal State LA campus.  The officers ensure that the campus is a safe place to study, teach, work, live and visit.
Station Phone:  323-343-3700

Cal Poly Pomona

The Cal Poly University Police are responsible for law enforcement, security, emergency response, criminal reports and investigations on campus.   The Department also provides a safety escort service to vehicles, residence halls or to the University Village.
Station Phone:  909-869-3070

Sacramento State University

The Sacramento State University Police enforces the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff and visitors.  It is the primary responsibility for officers to respond to campus emergencies and reports of any criminal activity on campus.
Station Phone:  916-278-6851

CSU San Bernardino

The CSU San Bernardino Police  provides protection to the entire campus community. It is responsible for overseeing the 471-acre campus and its students, faculty and staff.  The Department is also responsible for serving a total of 480 acres/2.5 square miles, this includes surrounding residential areas, canyon and foothills.
Station Phone: 909-537-7777

San Diego State University

The San Diego State University Police operates under three divisions,  Administrative Services, Field Operations and Auxiliary Services. The Administrative Services is the division that handles crime prevention programs, records, property and evidence, emergency preparedness, communications and investigations.
Station Phone:  619-594-1991

San Francisco State University

The San Francisco State University Police  is dedicated to providing a safe environment for the entire campus community. The Department works to provide a high quality of life for students, faculty and staff.
Station Phone:  415-338-7200

San Jose State University

The San Jose State University Police work hard to provide a safe and secure learning environment by  providing police, emergency, transportation and educational services for the campus community.
Station Phone:  408-924-2222

CSU San Marcos

The CSU San Marcos University Police provides service 24-hour police services.  The Department also implements campus safety programs such as escort services and Rape Agression Defense (RAD).
Station Phone:  760-750-4567

Sonoma State University

The Sonoma State University Police Department provides protection to the campus community.  All University officers receive additional training in first aid, CPR, firearms use, defense tactics in addition to the regional police academy training.
Station Phone:  707-664-4444

CSU Stanislaus

The CSU Stanislaus University Police is responsible for the primary law enforcement on the campus.  The officers of the University Police Department provides 24-hour protection to the entire campus community.
Station Phone:  209-667-3114



Last Updated:  12/31/2013