Crime Stats By State

Crimes are being committed right now. Probably not too far away from where you are sitting at this very moment.

By the time you finish reading all of the information in this infographic, two people have been murdered, five burglaries have happened, as well as many other crimes.

From petty to grand, violent and non-violent, crime across the country happens on a consistent basis. It seems to never stop.

Always be aware of your surroundings, and be as safe as you possibly can. Don’t take unnecessary chances.

Let's look at the infographic Crime Statistics in America: (more…)

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Gun Crime & Ownership

Gun ownership is a hot-button topic these days.

Not a day goes by that there isn’t a story in the news about crimes and deaths involving a gun. Many of those stories are often woven through with reports of governments trying to push through more gun control legislation.

There are some very strong opinions in America, when it comes to gun control and ownership rights, but not all of them are based on facts.

People on both sides of the issue need to be better informed about all of the facts that concern gun crime and ownership in the United States before …

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Crime Rates & Stats Every College Student Should Know

College is a time of learning and growth, and with a little luck, some fun.

Unfortunately, a lot of crimes take place on and around college campuses and universities, putting a lot of students in danger.

Not surprisingly, many incidents stem from alcohol use. Excess drinking leads to a lot of injuries, accidents, rapes and deaths of college students all-to-frequently these days.

Information is power, though, so knowing what statistics college students are facing when it comes to crime on campus and alcohol-related instances might help reduce a lot of danger that so many are facing at school.

Take a look at this …

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What To Do After DUI

When you plan a night of good times, laughs and a few drinks, the plan usually doesn’t end with you being arrested for DUI.

Getting charged with a DUI can be a costly mistake that you hopefully will never make.

Not only does a DUI take a big bite out of your wallet, but it also takes away valuable time that has to be spent in jail, taking part in community service activities and education programs, and of course going to court.

The risks and costs of getting behind the wheel after you’ve had a few more drinks than planned are not …

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Does Crime Pay? (Infographic)

It's an age-old question: Does Crime Pay?

We all have a fascination with heists and the bigger the better. Movies like The Italian Job and Ocean’s Eleven (and Twelve and Thirteen) have us rooting for the criminals who have planned very clever and created elaborate schemes to get their hands on millions of dollars.

When it happens in real life, we are happy to see justice done and for the bad guys to get caught.

Some of the greatest heists on record have been worth millions of dollars to sneaky criminals. Those big bucks lead to a lot of temptation, with people …

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