Crime In America

The number of violent crimes committed across the country varies from state to state.

There is also a variance in whether or not a weapon is used in the commission of the crimes and what types of weapons are used.

It might be surprising to many that many crimes like assault, robbery, sexual assault, and other violent crimes are committed without a weapon in hand.

When there is a weapon involved, however, the top choice of those criminals is a firearm.

Let's take a look at this infographic: Crime In America to examine Where Crime Occurs, What Weapons Are Used and How Often …

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Crimes & Jail Time

Canada is often thought of as a gentle place where crimes are rare and the people are constantly friendly and cheerful.

The country does, however, have its share of the criminal element in its midst.

Between 2009 and 2010, there were more than 262,000 adult criminal court cases in Canada.

In this infographic you can see a breakdown of the types of offenses that were committed and what percentage of the convicted offenders were sent to jail and to other forms of punishment. (more…)

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Playground To Prison

Too many of our country’s youth are making the epic leap from childhood into the criminal justice system in America.
The statistics are a real eye-opener and will make you look at the children around you in a different light.
The actions that our kids take today can have a negative, long-term impact on the rest of their lives.
Here's an infographic that takes a closer look at youth in the adult criminal justice system, "Playground To Prison". (more…)

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How Sobriety Tests Work

The Science of Sobriety Tests
The dangers of drunk driving are well known, and yet there are still thousands of drivers who attempt to get away with it each year.
Thankfully, law enforcement officers are working hard to crack down on these types of offenders to keep the roadways safe.
Officers use field sobriety tests in addition to the breathalyzer to determine if a driver has imbibed a little too much before getting behind the wheel.
The accuracy of those tests helps the officer know if it is time to get that driver off the road before serious damage is done.
Here's an infographic …

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The Recession and America’s Prisons

In the United States, the incarceration rate is the highest in the world.

The recession has forced many prisons to tighten up their financial belts in order to save on costs. That means more prisoners being housed in tighter confines.

This can only have a negative impact. Additional funds are expected from the federal level in order to help improve conditions.
Let's look at the infographic: (more…)

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The Revolving Prison Doors

In California, the number of people in jail and prisons is staggering.

Many of those people are still awaiting trial and sentencing.

In Contra Costa County, alone, 85% of the jail population is unsentenced. The counties face a lot of overcrowding thanks to the governor’s realignment plan and having a high recidivism rate doesn’t make things any easier.

There could be more financially smart solutions available to help ease the strain.

Let's look at the infographic on how California counties compare: (more…)

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For Profit Caging of America: The Prison Industrial Complex

With state budgets becoming tighter, local governments are looking for new solutions to relieving the stress on their wallets.

One of the solutions that have been growing in popularity is the outsourcing of prison operations, passing the responsibility from the county to a private operator.

This might seem like a financially sensible plan, but there are a lot of factors that can make it one of the worst decisions for the safety of both the citizen population and the inmates.

Let's look at the infographic: The Prison Industrial Complex:  (more…)

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CSI: Crime Scene Science

Crime Scene Science: The Modern Methods for Solving Crimes
We love our crime shows these days. CSI, NCIS, Law& Order: SVU -- they have all created a nation of mini crime-solvers.

We love trying to figure out the cases  and even try to apply our acquired knowledge of crime scene science to real-life cases to solve the mystery.

Crime scene science has come a long way over the years, advancing in ways that were once thought impossible.

Time of death can be calculated to within a few hours.
Insects are used to help answer questions.
DNA is helping to convict and exonerate suspects in crimes, …

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20 Criminals Nabbed By Facebook

Privacy is something that we are losing a lot of these days.

Thanks to social media, we can know all about what our friends, family, enemies, neighbors and even celebrities are doing all day and night.

It’s no surprise then that law enforcement has begun to use social networks like Facebook to help solve cases.

There are even many instances of crimes being committed because of Facebook. Be aware of what you are posting to social media, be mindful of your privacy settings, think it through before you agree to meet someone you just friended on Facebook, and if you see any …

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5 Myths About Crime And Race In America

There are many myths that circulate around crime in black America. It leads to a lot of stereotyping and misinformation.

Many people tend to believe that there is more violence in black neighborhoods, that "black-on-black" crimes are more prevalent, and that many black youth are quickly joining the ranks of gangs.

The facts behind all of these myths show that the things that people believe are based on nothing more than their own perceptions.

Taking a closer look at the reality behind the statistics, you can see that crime in black America is not what you think.

Here's an infographic on Crime Myths …

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