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Owner, Operator and Expert Bail Bondsman

Greg Rynerson

Greg is the hands-on owner of Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds (California Department of Insurance Bail License #1724264). He grew up watching his father, Calvin Rynerson, operate a successful bail bond company. Watching how his father treated his clients was where Greg learned a respect for the bail industry.

Greg Rynerson graduated in 1986 with a BS in Economics from the University of Oregon.  Greg spent many summers growing up on the Oregon coast where much of his family still resides.

After college, Greg began his career engaged in commercial insurance operations in the insurance industry including employment at American International Group (AIG) and Argonaut Insurance Company.

Greg is also the holder of a Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation. CPCU is recognized as the premier professional designation of the property and casualty insurance industry. You can think of a CPCU as the "CPA" designation for the insurance industry.

When relaxing, Greg enjoys golf, skiing, mountain biking, foreign travel, spending time with his family and a good chess match.

Greg is an active blogger on our blog KeepBailing and you can most often find him providing information on bail ethics.


  • California Bail Agents Association (CBAA)
  • Professional Bail Agents Association (PBUS)
  • CPCU Society
  • National Notary Association
  • Better Business Bureau

Last updated: 07/16/2014