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Understanding Bail & Useful Resources

The Bail Bond Process: How bail bonds work and the role of bail bond agents in the bail process.

Arrest and Bail Bonds: Describes the arrest and booking process and procedures for bailing someone out of jail.

Bail Bond Indemnitor Responsibility: When you post a bail bond, you take full responsibility for the person to appear in court.

Attorney Resource: Information for attorneys who need help getting a client out of jail. Our licensed bail agents can work with you to quickly and conveniently arrange bail. More on our bondsman-attorney benefits.

1275 Holds & Hearings: Navigating a 1275 Hold & Hearing successfully takes experience and understanding of the process. Get a full explanation of 1257.1 PC.

California Bail Bond Forms Online: Including the bail bond agreement contract, real property lien forms, bail bond court forms and our privacy disclosure.

Last updated: 12/12/2013